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new song [Apr. 18th, 2004|11:27 pm]
Hey, i just got back from Florida, and I'll not bore you with the details just yet, instead, I want to put the lyrics from a great song called La Tête a Papineau by Les Cowboys Fringants, with a translation. It's really poetic, and though I disagree with separatists, this is a great song you ought to download.

Le gars des nouvelles a révisé son bulletin avant d'entrer en ondes
Pas de nouveau rien que du vieux ça va toujours aussi bien dans le monde
Aujourd'hui c'est un homicide a coups de machette
Demain ça s'ra un robineu qui meurt de frette

Hey donnez moi un break avant que j'meures de rire
Ca prend pas la tête a Papineau pour s'rendre compte
Qu'on manque le métro

Le gars des nouvelles a annoncé en primeur pendant son bulletin
On signe pas d'accord sur l'environnement ont déclaré les américains
Même si la Terre est dev'nue une cour a scrap
Pis qu'avant longtemps on va être rayés d'la map

Le gars des nouvelles a apprit par son chum d'la section des sports
Un joueur de baseball vient d'signer un contrat pour un milliard
Quand un athlète fait cent fois le salaire d'un médecin
J'me dit qu'c'est ça le déclin d'l'empire américain

Le gars des nouvelles a annoncé en primeur spectaculaire
La chanteuse conne se serait mariée en cachette avant-hier
Pendant qu'y se brasse d'la marde partout sur la planète
Les gens aiment ben mieux les p'tits potins du Jet Set

Le gars des nouvelles a quitté tout juste après la fin du show
Sans saluer ni regarder ses collègues sur le plateau
Y'est descendu su'l quai d'la station Front'nac
Y s'est garroche au beau milieu d'la track

On a entendu l'metro
Pis y s'est mis a rire
Le lendemain les journaux ont affirme
Qu'y'ont r'trouvé sa tête a Papineau

The newsman revises the news before going live
No news other than it's going great as usual around the world
Today it's a murder with a hatchet
Tomorrow it'll be a drunk who freezes to death

Hey, give me a break, before I die of laughing,
It doesn't take the head of Papineau to understand
We're missin' the train

The newsman announces at the start of the show
"We will not sign any environmental treaty" said the Americans
Even if the Earth turns to a scrap yard
Before long we'll be wiped off the map.


The newsman learns from his buddy in sports
A baseball player has just signed a contract for a billion (dollars)
When an athlete makes 100 times a doctor's salary
I say to myself "This is the decline of the American empire"


The newsman announces in a spectacular segment
The bitch singer got married secretly the day before yesterday
While around the world the shit hits the fan
The people prefer the capers of the Jet Set


The newsman got up and left just before the end of the show
Without greeting or looking at his colleagues on the stage
He goes to the platform in Frontenac station
And throws himself on the middle of the track

He heard the train
and started to laugh
the next day the papers affirmed
there he found his "Tete a Papineau"
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Pot Meeting [Apr. 1st, 2004|12:23 am]
While having a cig on the porch, I remembered a couple things I thought I'd bring up. Of course, I have no short-term memory, so I guess i'll take my insights to the grave. In a couple days there's gonna be a meeting at school about toughening my towns' laws against drugs, namely pot.
For starters, this fuckin' initiative is so typical of this reactionary village. Tougher penalties don't lower crime. No matter what the punishment is, the majority of kids in school are still gonna experiment, including yours truly. It's part of growing up. And what are they going to do, kick kids off the sports teams? Suspension? Expulsion? That's great, so the kids can drop out and get stuck in this jerkwater. Then they'll have all the time in the world to get high. Of course you should never bring drugs to school, but what's outside school isn't the schools' business, in my not-so-humble opinion. So I'm doing my civic duty and raising a stink in this meeting. I think America will be a better country when this mob mentality towards "no tolerance" fades. This isn't a black and white world, there's so many shades of grey. Did you know the US prison population has tripled since 1970? Just a little food for thought.

I hope nobody from town sees this. This journal is mostly for my friends from boarding school.

Email or IM me!
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First Post [Mar. 31st, 2004|11:56 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Orgy- Fiction]

Hey, thanks for visiting. I haven't found the right client yet, but as a gay man I can assure you the new journal will be snazzy. I will be attending PSU in the fall as a French major, as I told you earlier. I'm wicked nervous about the whole thing, I'm less than ecstatic about it, but I'd put up with anything to get into Monterey, it's the Harvard of translation schools.
Which reminds me, I just came back from a reception in Albany about the school. They seem like very nice people, didn't really shmooze with the people at my table, I'm kinda shy till you get to know me a little.
So there was a fairly standard presentation, I was kinda disappointed about how all the alumni there were teachers. Oh well, I'm gonna kick ass, you'll see. They also never mentioned that Plattsburgh is a huge binge-drinking school. (Not that I'm complaining). The professors are on the ball, at least.
The best thing is, I'll be less than an hour from MTL. I'll be up every wkend. Anyway, I'm gonna do something else, so goodbye for now.
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