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The Hockey House [Sep. 5th, 2004|11:15 pm]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]
[music |The New Deal- Technobeam]

After a disappointing "trip" on nutmeg, I decided to wander over to the Hockey House, as I was to meet Rachelle there, have a few drinks, meet Canadians, it's all good. As I started walking on Rugar towards Broad Street, I ran into Suzanne (from Argyle). She was LOADED drunk, and I felt I had to take her back to her room. She was very nice about it, and thanked me several times, which made me feel great.
Anyway, back to the party. So I get there, there's about 200 people in a fairly small couple rooms, and it became immediately clear that it was a sausage fest. I saw Paul, (not my roommate, other Paul, who blabbed about my essay outside class)we shmoozed for a while, no big woop. Anyway, I went to the porch like I usually do, I like some space at these parties, where I saw Ashley, a very cool sophomore that I hung out with most of the evening. Around 1:30, we noticed a very obvious undercover pig across the street in full uniform sitting in a new black SUV. We had noticed how although UP went down Broad Street many times, the party hadn't got busted. I gave my ID to Brian which is always a good idea when you're drinking underage.
Then, the cops came in, and just told us rudely to leave immediately and not to congregate till we got to our destinations. I hung out with Ashley afterwards and walked home with a moderate buzz.
On the subject of drugs, I'm getting Nicotrol in the mail, so I'm seriously going to quit smoking for good this time.