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first days at college [Sep. 1st, 2004|01:36 pm]
[mood |sympatheticsympathetic]
[music |Pixies- Where is my mind?]

OK, so things are going great so far. (I should mention I'm at Plattsburgh as a Canadian Studies/French major. I've made a ton of friends, had a great time, and my classes are going swimmingly. My roommate, when not ralphing on his bed/our floor, is also nice. I came out of the closet to him, he took it well but was certainly proud of himself for doing so. Whatever.
In other news, last weekend I went with Brian to one of his friends' appartments, they are such nice people. I should mention I got loaded and stoned, and came back around 4am after quite an eventful taxi ride. I guess we're going up to Montreal together this weekend, which should be fantastique.
I guess if there's anything unpleasant to report, it's that the cops up here are nazis. I've seen so many people get busted for everything, and god forbid your car is a metre on the grass, you'll get nailed for $25.
Kim, Rachel and I had such a great time watching Queer as Folk the other night, it's so addictive. I also met Rachelle, among other people, she speaks some French and I'd be happy to tutor her. The best thing that's happened so far, I beat the entire freshman class on the French placement exam, so I'm feeling good and ferociously competitive.
If you're still reading, the footbridge (you know where) is an OK place to smoke.
Well, I should probably get around to that English paper, shouldn't be too hard.